Boost Your Curb Appeal With New Siding

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Siding plays a major role in shielding your home or office from the elements. For example, good siding will prevent heat from escaping your building during cold weather. This keeps you warm and preserves energy. If your siding is damaged, you'll spend more keeping cool or warm air in. Let Nelson's Home Improvements provide siding installation services.

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Know when it's time to get siding replacement

Know when it's time to get siding replacement

It's best to catch flaws in your siding early to avoid structural damage. Here are the most common signs that indicate you may need siding replacement:

  • The siding is chipping or bending
  • You're paying more on your energy bill
  • They're black or green spots forming

Don't let issues with your siding spread. Call us now to schedule your siding replacement in Port Chester, New York.

What's on the outside does count

When you're trying to decide on the right material for your siding installation, there are a lot of things to consider, including price, style and functionality. A few popular siding choices are:

Vinyl-a durable material that can withstand strong winds and heavy rain.
Metal-which is easy to maintain and more energy-efficient than other options.
Fiber cement-which mimics the appearance of wood but is fire-resistant.