What's the Secret to a Strong Roof?

Invest in reputable roof repair services in Port Chester, NY

Keeping the roof of your home maintained will protect your investment in your home. Nelson's Home Improvements specializes in roof repair services in Port Chester, NY. We'll repair or replace missing shingles for a flawless finish. Should you encounter leaks, decay or mold, call us to take care of your roof immediately.

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How to prevent dry rot from spreading

How to prevent dry rot from spreading

When your roof is infected with dry rot, you need to seek immediate assistance. This fungus produces spores that spread from your roof to different parts of the building if not taken care of. If this problem escalates, you may have to invest in roof dry rot repair. To avoid this issue, implement these tips in your home or office:

  • Keep your siding sealed
  • Schedule annual roof inspections
  • Redirect rainwater with gutters

If you suspect that your home or office has fallen victim to dry rot, let the experts handle this problem. Our team specializes in roof dry rot repair in Port Chester, NY. Call us now so we can take care of this problem immediately.