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Neglecting your chimney could threaten the structure of your home

It’s important to keep your chimney well-maintained to avoid serious problems like mold growth, rot or discoloration. When this occurs, a chimney repair is in order. Nelson’s Home Improvements provides comprehensive chimney work in Port Chester, NY. Our team will clean, repair or replace your chimney for optimal performance.

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Common chimney terms and their meaning

Common chimney terms and their meaning

When you’re getting chimney work done to your home or office, it’s always good to know a few industry terms. Such common phrases and titles are:

  • Tuckpointing: When your chimney’s mortar begins to deteriorate, tuckpointing replaces the damaged mortar for a spotless seal.
  • Chimney Cap: This cover prevents debris, water or snow from entering the chimney.
  • Chimney Crown Repair: A service that replaces and seals the crown of your chimney to prevent interior freezing.

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